Air Filtration Solutions for Museums

Protecting Precious and Priceless Objects

In preservation environments, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a primary concern. The pollution levels in this indoor air can be up to five times higher than outdoor levels, and in some cases 100 times higher. Controlling airborne pollutants and gaseous contaminants is fundamental to protecting priceless collections of artefacts, national historical assets and documents, artwork and literature.

Damage to these objects can be caused by: 

  • uncontrolled temperature
  • relative humidity
  • dust and dirt
  • gaseous pollutants, such as ozone and sulphur dioxide 


 Temperature and humidity, if not controlled properly, speed up the rate of chemical reactions that cause the deterioration of sensitive objects. Dust and dirt contamination causes artefacts to discolour. Gaseous pollutants may cause significant and irreversible deterioration of artefacts, metals, historic records, photographs, and marble through chemical reactions.

AAF offers a wide range of filtration solutions and devices that can be individually tailored to suit local conditions. The aim here is not only the optimal protection of your exhibits, but also first-class indoor air quality for visitors and employees.

The Sensor360 is a next-generation monitoring and facility management tool for indoor air quality, that enables you to understand and plan the performance and maintenance of air filters in a whole new way. Battery-powered sensors are installed to both measure particle concentration before air filtration and to measure and record indoor air quality (IAQ).

A dedicated app makes it easy to view the performance of the air filtration system. Users can set the app to their own needs and requirements and determine at which values they wish to receive an alert. Sensor360 provides instant monitoring of filter system performance and automatically tracks pressure drop and PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle levels.

This eliminates the need to manually monitor and collect filter data from air handling systems, allowing the user to resolve potential IAQ issues before they negatively impact building occupants by receiving an alert from the Sensor360 app that particle levels are reaching an unacceptable concentration.

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