AAF’s Air Filtration Audit in Einsteinova Business centre in Bratislava

End User: Business Center Bratislava a.s. Slovakia
Address: Mlynské nivy 48, Bratislava 821 09
Website: www.bcb.sk 
Industry: Commercial Buildings

A modern, sustainable office building with roughly 23,500 m², The building was constructed in accordance with the highest green building standards and is expected to receive BREEAM certification with a level of “excellent”. The Einsteinova Business Center is located right near the Da-nube in the Petržalka district and is directly connected to Bratislava’s old town via a pedestrian and tram bridge. A sho-pping centre and one of the oldest public parks in Europe lo- cated in the immediate vicinity provide plenty of shopping and leisure possibilities. The building’s location directly on the D1 motorway (Einsteinova) as well as public tram and bus stops located just five minutes away by foot ensure optimal accessibility. There is also plenty of parking available on-site, with 700 above-ground and underground parking spaces.

Air filtration and maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) levels are only a couple of the many different operational functions for which companies are responsible. And due to deferred maintenance, the significant impact of HVAC and filtration related decisions can often be overlooked. But analysis of energy spend can pay off in a significant way for Facility Management teams by indicating the optimal filtration system that will save them both money and time.


To increase level of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a term that refers to the air quality in your building, breathed in every day by the building’s occupants. The pollution levels in indoor air can be up to 5 times higher than outdoor levels, and people spend more than 90% of their time indoors.

To improve energy savings via decreasing generated pressure drop of filters during exchange period Our mission is to utilize our core skill sets and products to aid you in protecting your environment, reducing your labor investment, and lowering your filtration total cost of ownership. In other words, we invest the time to help your business get better – not just sell you product.

Together with the cooperation of Daikin Slovakia it was possible to convince the customer of an alternative solution. Instead of offering a simple 1:1 replacement of the installed competitor filters with corresponding filters, AAF offered considerably more energy efficient filters – with sustainable success. On the base of a comparative analysis and by real data from Sensor 360, which included the energy consumption and filter efficiency, the customer was convinced of the advantages of the offered solution.

Daikin Slovakia is the contractor for HVAC units and services. Bundling the expertise AAF were asked to support and optimize the actual air filtration. AAF`s challenge was to increase the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and decreasing the overall costs. An air filter audit of the HVAC systems was the first step that AAF Slovakia takes in order to provide a professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and risk reduction. By conducting this air filtration audit, we are be able to understand exactly how to compare to the best practices.

By using the proposed solution from AAF operating costs are significantly decreasing while the Indoor Air Quality is actually improved.

Biggest impact on cost savings within the complete project was realized with AAF‘s energy efficient filter DriPak NX+ with an energy consumption of only 720 kWh/annum. According to Eurovent the DriPak NX+ is by far more than 50 % less energy consuming than the currently installed products – and that with better filtration performance.

5 Key benefits from our Audit:

  • Onsite review, Documentation and Analysis of current state
  • TCO Diagnostic Report
  • Sensor 360 Insitu Test
  • Optimized PM schedule with standardized list of filters by AHU
  • Professional guidance to: Save Time and Money, while also reducing risk


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