At the restaurant Fura, we can take a deep breath, safely and securely!

Client: Hägglundsområdet / Axcell Fastighetspartner
User: Fura Restaurant
Application: Hotel and restaurant
Challenge: Clean the indoor air from particles and viruses for 200-250 diners daily in the restaurant with 300 m2.

Fura cares so much about its diners that together with Hägglundsfastigheterna and Axcell Fastighetspartner they have installed an air purifier with ultra-clean particle filter in their restaurant to minimize the spread of viruses and dust.

“We care about our employees and our guests and want to provide them with HEPA-filtered air where the risk of infections are significantly
minimized. At the Fura restaurant we can take a deep breath, safely and securely!”, Magnus Lundberg, Technical Manager, Hägglundsområdet AB

When the pandemic struck with force, we started to think about how to maintain the restaurant's business while protecting our customers and diners. Covid-19 and increased spread of infection raises the air quality in a whole new way.

-In our risk assessment, we found that it is very useful to filter air where many people from various businesses meet. The air purifier AstroPure 2000 is a very good product to achieve the goal with the best possible air quality, says Magnus Lundberg, technical manager at Hägglundsområdet AB.

- As a bonus, we also have a dust- and pollen-free air, which is much appreciated by all allergy sufferers, Magnus continues proudly.

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