AmerTex F


Product Overview
  • ISO 16890: ePM 10 (F-Series)
  • Filter class EN779:2012: G2 - G4 (R-Series) M5 (F-Series)
  • Media: synthetic
  • Temperature limit: 100 ˚C

This efficient filter media has an optimized blend of synthetic fibres. This filter is designed for filtration of air ducts and fans in paint spray booths and for central air handling systems.

The F-series air filter media consists o fa scientific blend of fine synthetic fibres in a multi-layered structure. F30 media can be used as a dry, high efficiency filter. It has a dense layer on the clean air leaving side. F55 media is also a high efficiency filter. The medium is treated with a special adhesive which reduces dust migration caused by vibrations in the air stream.

It is dense and smooth on the air leaving side. F60 media is of the same high quality as F55 media, but has a special woven scrim on the air leaving side to prevent particle migration. This gives the medium a sturdiness which makes it suitable for larger filter surface areas.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Surface Treatment
  • Material Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Waste Water Treatment
Media type Synthetic
Max. Operating Temperature 100°C
ISO 16890 Coarse 35%, Coarse 45%, Coarse 60%, Coarse 90%
Antimicrobial Available No