DriPak SX

Product Overview
  • ISO16890: ePM10, ePM2,5, ePM1
  • Synthetic media
  • Reduced pressure drop for lower energy use
  • Fully incinerable with either a polyurethane or beechwood header for minimized environmental impact

The DriPak SX filter provides reliable air filtration performance, with pockets made from synthetic material. This filter meets the requirements of the ISO 16890 standard. It is designed for installation as either pre- or final filtration in general air handling units for commercial and industrial applications. In combination with a polyurethane header, the DriPak SX filter is very easy to handle and install.

The DriPak SX filter is available in filter classes ePM10, ePM2,5 and ePM1 according to ISO 16890, tested and certified by Eurovent. The filtration performance is a direct consequence of the optimized airflow through specially designed tapered pockets, preventing pollution in the air handling unit and improving indoor air quality. The Ultra-variant option, with bacteriostatic treated media, provides protection against the formation of bacteria.

The DriPak SX filter provides an immediate sizeable reduction in energy consumption, compared to previous generations of pocket filters with similar synthetic media. With the injection moulded polyurethane header, this air filter is also fully incinerable.

During its lifecycle, an air filter’s energy consumption accounts for as much as 80% of the total costs. On the other hand, the energy demand of the DriPak SX filter is lower in comparison to its equivalents made from similar synthetic material. The energy costs are therefore reduced. In combination with the lightweight and sturdy polyurethane header, filter changeout takes less time and therefore lowers maintenance costs.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Airports
  • Food & Beverage
  • Surface Treatment
  • Material Processing
ISO 16890 ePM1, ePM2,5, ePM10
Media type Synthetic
Gasket Material Neoprene
Frame Material Galvanized Steel, Plastic
Filter depth (mm) 635, 525, 360
Max. Operating Temperature 70°C
Recom. final pressure drop max. 450 Pa
Recom. Airflow range 75% - 125%
Moisture resistance 100% relative humidity