AstroCel ® V EX

HEPA Air Filter H13/H14 (ATEX)

Product Overview
  • Filter class EN1822: H13/H14
  • Standard depth: 298 mm
  • Standard height and width: 592x592
  • Electrostatically dissipative ATEX air filters for safe operation with all explosive groups and in all hazard zones as specified in the ATEX Directive
  • Required ATEX documentation supplied with filters
  • Lightweight plastic frames made of electrically dissipative plastic
  • Earthing cables and fastening hardware provided with each filter
  • Wide service temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
  • Long service life due to low initial pressure drop with minimal increase in subsequent operation

AAF offers a special range of HEPA air filters designed for use in potentially explosive environments. All product versions are electrostatically dissipative and in full compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (old designation 94/9/EC) for use in hazardous areas. AAF’s dissipative air filters can be used safely over the entire range of explosive groups and in all hazardous zones specified in the ATEX Directive. They are made with electrically dissipative plastic frames which are lighter in weight than conventional materials such as metals. This facilitates installation and also makes the filter fully incinerable, therefore reducing disposal costs.

  • Explosive environments
EN1822 H13, H14
Filter depth (mm) 298
Media type Fibreglass
Frame Material Plastic
Separator Style Hot Melt
Gasket Material PU
Max. Operating Temperature 80°C