SAAF™ Side Access Housing


Product Overview
  • Single Wall and Double Wall construction
  • Easy side access
  • Patent-pending SAAF™ Sealside seal extrusion system
  • Available in aluminium and galvanized or stainless steel
  • 42 different sizes
  • Utilize standard size filter components

The side Access Housing (SAH) has a corrosion resistant casing design, reinforced and stiffened where necessary to achieve the stiffness required. Hinged access doors are provided on the filter sections to allow ease of access to and installation and removal of particulate and gas phase filters.

Access doors are supplied on one side of the unit only for the smaller units and on both sides for the larger ones. The access doors are equipped with “twist and clamp” style locking handles that clamp the door into position after the door has been latched. Gaskets are supplied on the internal surface of the door panels to seal against the filters and prevent by-pass of air around the filters. The interior surfaces are smooth to allow for easy cleaning and reduce the risk of moisture, dirt and microbial accumulation. Each unit is provided with an individual name plate.

  • Single wall construction
  • Double wall in min. 25 or 50 mm thickness
  • Painted, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum material of construction
  • Lifting lugs
  • U-channel base frame with gussets on each end
  • Weatherproofing

Patent pending particulate filter tracks from extruded aluminum are supplied with a sealing gasket designed to prevent by-pass of air around the filters. The sealing gaskets are contacted and compressed by the action of installing the filter into the side access track. Side access tracks accommodate nominal 2” deep pre-filters and final filters with 20 mm header thickness. Gas phase filters are supported in-side access extruded aluminum tracks designed solely for that purpose. Each gas phase filter is supported on two tracks, an inlet face and an outlet face support track. The gas phase filters will incorporate AAF ’s patent pending SAAFSeal technology to ensure that the filters are sealed to prevent by-pass of air around the filters so that the entire air stream passes through the filters.

The outlet face gas phase filter upper and lower tracks shall each include a vertical aluminum flange, which will fit into notches in the gas phase filter cassette ensuring that the cassette is properly positioned in the track and guaranteeing that the gasket is compressed to seal against air by-pass. The hollow core sealing gaskets are incorporated permanently into the support track and are compressed by the action of installing the gas phase filter into the side access track. Choice of Media

The Side Access Housing can be fitted with a wide range of particulate and gas phase filters. These include PerfectPleat® prefilter, VariCel® M-Pak and VXL final filters and VariSorb™ VXL, SAAFCanister™ and SAAFCassette™ gas phase filters. The gas phase media include standard SAAFCarb™ media or impregnated SAAFCarb™ media, SAAFOxidant™ and SAAFBlend™.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Microelectronics
Construction Stainless steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum