OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturing

You can focus on your business – because we focus on your products

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturing

You can focus on your business – because we focus on your products

We partner with OEM manufacturers around the globe

Dinair and AAF have an indepth understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). This understanding and technical ability makes us the preferred partner in sustainable air filters for OEM products.

No matter if you are producing equipment to provide Supply, Process or High Purity air or if your equipment cleans Exhaust Air – our solutions help to increase the performance of your end-product. You are looking for a one – stop shop – We have the capabilities to provide support throughout the complete product life cycle.

OEM solutions we serve are manufacturing:

  • HVAC units
  • Cabin Air Systems
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Minienvironments
  • Isolators
  • Air Showers
  • Sterilization Tunnels
  • Stationary and Central Mist, Smoke and Fume Extraction Units
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Odor and Corrosion Control Equipment


We are supporting OEM partenrs in getting the best out of the equipment they produce. During the development of OEM products we focus on key parameters that save time and money while reducing the risk during daily operation. At all-time a reasonable cost structure is the unwritten guideline for our activities.

Maintaining air quality in industrial and environments is crucial to achieve high productivity and wellbeing.

Bad air quality has a high influence on the output of an industrial production and the quality of products produced in this facility.

We are experts in industrial dust, mist and fume collectors that stop pollutants from entering the workspace and outside air, creating safer and cleaner environments and support OEM partners with best possible filter configuration to get the best performance out of their units – during operation and maintenance.

Managing the air quality for high purity processes can be challenging, because the smallest factors can have serious consequences. Contaminated air can lead to expensive rework and even shut-downs of production lines or complete facilities. We support OEM partners in the development of clean air systems that reduce risk while, at the same time, save time and money for end-users.

Our filter products reliably separate dust and gases from exhaust air, no matter what kind of filtration application and the respective specific dust characteristics. Based on our comprehensive application knowledge we support OEM partners in defining the correct filtration solutions so environmental impact can be kept at lowest levels.

Contact our international OEM Team to learn more about our capabilities.

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