All European production plants are classified for ISO 45001

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AAF and Dinair have always made occupational safety and employee health a top priority.

We are very pleased and proud that all our production plants in Europe are classified for ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate. The ISO 45001 standard is an international occupational health and safety management system that provides a verified and systematic safety management structure.

For all our production sites safety, health, quality, and care for the environment are not just terms, but values that guide our actions.

The ISO 45001 certificate shows AAF’s and Dinair's commitment to safety and well-being at work - the standard sets strict requirements for occupational safety, and we are honored to meet them. Our commitment to safety and well-being is reflected in everything we do, and our employees are our greatest asset. Their well-being is of paramount importance to us.

AAF’s and Dinair's goal is zero workplace accidents and the well-being work community. Comprehensive safety and well-being are also investments in the future. Safe working conditions and efficient operations go hand in hand, and investing in safety also improves profitability in the long term.

Safety and health at work are not just an obligation for us, but a matter of the heart that guides our daily activities. It is also a strong demonstration of our responsibility and professionalism.

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