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Air. It's everywhere. In our homes. Our workplaces. Hospitals. Schools. It's what makes our lives possible. But billions of unseen particles are floating around us at any given moment – affecting our health, how well we breathe, the instruments that operate our facilities and the products we produce.

And yet, delivering, maintaining and measuring indoor air quality isn't easy. AAF is delivering the latest advancements in filtration system design, analysis, optimization and monitoring to help organizations save time and money while reducing risk – and experience the clean air difference.

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General Building Ventilation

We help facility managers to achieve better Indoor Air Quality to create a more comfortable, healthy, and odor-free environment for building occupants.

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High Purity Production Areas

We are designing solutions for industries where highest filtration performance is crucial for both – to protect people who work in risky environments and to create high-purity environments in which sensitive products are produced.

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Industrial Environments

Air quality is critical in many steps of industrial processes. Smallest factors can have serious consequences for workers, equipment, products and the environment. We offer complete solutions that help to improve the air quality in any kind of industrial environment.

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Find the right product for your Air Quality Challenge. We offer the right solution no matter what your individual goal is.
Highest Efficiency, Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership, Maximum System Integrity or a combination thereof.


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