Case Studies


You want to know how AAF handled filtration challenges in companies similar to yours. Review our case studies.



The kitchen extraction systems servicing the restaurants were in need of deep cleaning to reduce the amount of built-up carbon and grease within the…

Because of the purifier’s effectiveness, the bacteria, moulds and yeasts trapped by the filter and the room was permanently decontaminated.

The new FFUs are quieter than the existing FFUs and will save 122.000 kWh/year, corresponding to ca. 268.000 kr./year

There are several potential sources for spreading viruses in pig production – ventilation air is one of them.

Working from the original site plans we digitized the plans and identified all dampers located within the property and created asset IDs for each…

By our inspection program the client will quickly pick up any hazards within their duct systems before they poise a significant risk to health.

After validation of the prototype, 18 cabinets have been built and installed and operation as visualized on the photos included in this document.

By using the proposed solution from AAF operating costs are significantly decreasing while the Indoor Air Quality is actually improved.

The Astropure 2000 air purifier allows us to improve the air quality and thus reduce the risk of transmission of infections.

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