Air Quality Solutions for Material Processing Industries

Assure performance of workers and occupants

Maintaining air quality in industrial environments is crucial to achieve high productivity and wellbeing of workers inside the building. Bad indoor air quality has a high influence on the output of an industrial production and the quality of products produced in this facility.

Depending on the industry and the process, contamination from material processing can include various types of dust or gases.

During activities like sewing, welding, cutting or grinding of different materials, different kinds of dusts or gases are emitted, that all require suitable filtration solutions. To select the right setup is therefor crucial to maintain good air quality.

We are experts in selecting the best possible combination of products that stop pollutants from entering the workspace and outside air with the overall target to create safer and cleaner environments.

Eliminating airborne dust contamination is essential to preventing failures which halt production, affecting both the upstream and the downstream supply chain inside a factory.

The first step in controlling air quality is the installation of appropriate filters. Early detection and effective management of contamination risks are key to minimizing production disturbances and reducing costs.

Facility management teams in industrial applications need the support of a trusted on-site advisor who can perform air filtration audits, diagnostics, and continuous improvement to ensure the most optimal effective solution for cost savings and risk reduction.

We do this by providing a consultative and technical approach to understand your complete air filtration needs, application, and business goals, to optimize your performance and lower your total cost of ownership.

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