Total TranspAIRency Program offers Clean Air as a Service

Air Quality Optimization Program

AAF introduces an air quality and filter systems optimisation program for automotive manufacturing processes. This all-inclusive filter management program is a combination of AAF’s global competencies, production capabilities, innovative products, intelligent tools, technical support, and on-site services. AAF provides the insight and expertise to find the optimised filtration solutions, identify improvement opportunities, and tailor to your specific needs for a comprehensive purchase perspective—improving air quality while balancing productivity and profitability.

AAF provides this total package approach through a combination of products and services at a fixed price with a built-in cost savings program, as well as the support of a permanent, on-site technician who will ensure the most effective solution for optimal process performance, quality improvement, and cost reduction.

With customised solutions from AAF, you can tailor your air management program to optimise your processes and meet your air quality needs. We help you achieve the specific operational outcomes you need for your business.

All AAF air management program customers have access to AAF specialists and on-site technicians. They will provide you with expert analysis, reporting, and recommendations tailored to the specific requirements of your application.

TCO Diagnostic (TCOD) is an integral part of our TranspAIRency concept. The innovative tool aids in the selection of the optimal filters for your air handling systems and operating conditions. The insight it provides leads to the identification of opportunities for improvement and the development of a solution customised to meet your specific needs. The end results are improved air quality, energy savings, operational flexibility, and a lower total cost of ownership.

AAF uses the advanced technology of Sensor360® to monitor air quality and provide early warning of air contamination, reducing downtime and operating costs. The system also analyses trends to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize process performance.

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