VariCel ® II HT


Product Overview
  • Available in filter class: M6 and F8 (EN779:2012)
  • Operating temperature of 385 oC
  • Final resistance: 450 Pa
  • Silicon free construction
  • Extruded aluminum cell sides with  glass fibre media
  • Recycle/disposal friendly

This filter is designed for final filtration for drying ovens in the automotive industry.

The VariCel II HT filter is a high temperature compact air filter, designed for use in automotive drying tunnel installations. This filter features a mini-pleated media pack housed in a sturdy extruded aluminum profile, protected by faceguards on the air entering and air leaving sides. This filter also has a one piece glass rope gasket located on one side. No silicon based adhesives, sealants or glues are used that could degrade at high temperatures and affect the curing process.

Professional disposal in accordance with valid regulation can be arranged by AAF. This includes return of used filters or metal parts only against a credit for the metal parts. Complete disposal of the filters can be arranged in cooperation with an authorized disposal company, avoiding uncontrolled disposal. With this method AAF contributes to the protection of resources and the environment.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Material Processing
EN779:2012 M6, F8
Filter depth (mm) 78
Media type Fibreglass
Frame Material Anodized extruded aluminum
Max. Operating Temperature 385°C